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[24 Jul 2010|09:39pm]

I am pretty sure I have complained about my aunt's creepy boyfriend before. Over the almost two months that I lived with he got progressively worse. He started drinking more, he got meaner when he was drinking. He started telling his family across the street that he wanted me out of the house but as far as I know he never said that to my aunt. He got lazier and meanier when he wasn't drinking. He started to become really controlling. It was getting pretty awful.
On Thursday night he was sitting on the couch with his eleven year old sister. She was teasing him and he started pinching her. But not normal punching her, he was leaving giant bruises on get arms. She asked him to stop and he wouldn't she asked him several times, my aunt told him to stop but he didn't. I told him to stop and he said no. I then pulled her away from him while telling him that he had no right to hurt a child. He yelled back and said that he could do whatever he wanted in his house and that I had no right to talk to him that way. He said I was no longer welcome in his house. He went to bed, I helped my aunt with her math and then took Abby for a walk with his sister who told me that he had been in trouble once before with his ex wife for violence, she said that he had shit his ex wife but since she didn't press charges he wasn't put in jail. I got back to thr house and called my dad, I told him what had happened and that I was coming home right away.
While I was loading my car I realized I couldn't leave my aunt with this guy while no one else knew what had happened. I had already tried talking to her and telling her this guy was bad for her but she just said I was cynical about relationships and men right now and blew me off. So I texted her son Andy and told him what had happened and that I was leaving. I asked him to talk to her before she married him, which was supposed to happen today. He called me. He was at the house within minutes in th middle of the night. Andy called the creep out of the bedroom where he was passed out, he was still so drunk after four hours of sleep that he couldn't form sentences. Andy made him pack his things and get out. He asked me to stay and watch over his mom who has really bad depression problems. I agreed. Andy then gave me a knife "just in case." he left after creepy did and came back a few minutes later with a pistol that he wanted me to have in case drunk creepy decided to try to come back.
That was two night ago now. Yesterday there were no problems. Today he sat in his truck at the house across the street for a really long time, most of which time I was here by myself. I talked to the kids who live over there, his adopted brothers and sisters and two of them separately told me that creepy says that this is all my fault. That I made my aunt kick him out and I won't let her talk to him now. Neither of which is entirely true. But it scares ne a little that ge is telling people that it is all my fault, I spend quite a lot if time here with just puppies for protection and a pistol I am probably not willing to use. I am hoping that I am just being paranoid but I really do believe him to be capable of violence and I thought that before any of this happened. I am relieved that I only have less than two weeks left here but I am worried that when I leave he is going to try something with my aunt. I seem to be attracting hopeless situations this year and it really sucks.

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[05 Jun 2010|06:48pm]

Creepy boyfriend: we need more beer.
Aunt: there are five in the kitchen.
Creepy boyfriend: there were but they are gone. That's why I had to borrow another one from the neighbor.

This conversation took place at one thirty in the afternoon and the day after creepy boyfriend explain to me how pissed off he was that someone dared to call him an alcoholic.

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[02 Jun 2010|09:51pm]

So remember when I was worried about my aunt's creepy boyfriend....well on the up side he is not quite as creepy as I thought he was going to be. On the down side he is extremely narrow minded and makes a lot of really inappropriate comments and he drinks a lot while at the same time complaining about alcoholics. Oh, and he is unemployed and he lives here. Also I found out today, via my aunt's Facebook status that they are getting married next month. To give him some credit though he is nice to me and seems to try very hard to be nice, and he treats my aunt well except for the fact that he contributes nothing financially...but it still seems like there is something wrong with the whole situation. I don't like it.

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[16 May 2010|06:24pm]

So the aunt I am supposed to be moving in with at the end of the week ad a new boyfriend....I haven't met him yet but judging by the comments he has been leaving on her Facebook wall it is going to be all kinds of awkward. He has been leaving messages about how much he loves her....they have been dating for like a week. His latest message is telling her that he "wants to give her what she wants". A month ago this same aunt was telling me how muchmen suck and they are all horrible...two months ago the guy she was living with died. I didn't like the last guy somehow I don't think I am going to like this guy either...he looks really creepy in the picture she posted. So basically I am imagining that I am in for an awkward summer.

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[17 Mar 2010|12:05am]

Trying to figure out how this iPhone app works

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[11 Jul 2009|11:47pm]
Dwayne, being the perpetual planner that he is who I will drive crazy for the rest of our lives, is trying to figure out the list of songs that we are going to play during the wedding ceremony....so far we have decided on all but one song. He wants me to pick the song that I will walk in on...I don't think we like the traditional wedding march and most of the other songs we have chosen are real songs like from the radio rather than instrumental music. I am at a complete loss as to what song to choose and it is driving him crazy so I would appreciate any suggestions that you guys might have.
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[02 Jul 2009|06:49pm]
Dwayne is coming home for the weekend...he will be in later this evening. So I thought I would make his favorite cookies, which I have never done for him before, I usually just buy the pre-made dough that I only have to cook. I will never do this again....I thought it was going so well until trays one, two, three, and four came out barely recognizable at attempted cookies. Batch one and two were completely flat and therefore nearly impossible to get off the tray...I ended up just washing the trays and scrubbing those failures off. Batch three wasn't quite as flat but was destroyed as I tried to pry them off the tray...so I washed the tray again and used a different one....Batch four was perfectly shaped and came right off the new tray but also slightly resembled charcoal because I was complaining to my mom about the first three batches and forgot to go take them out of the oven. Batch five was ok, they aren't burnt and look like cookies. Batch six was the last of the cookie dough and I was hoping they would turn out like batch five, but I have no idea what went wrong there...the edges look really weird...it looks like they wanted to flatten out but only the edges did and the middle stayed normalish. Except for the burnt ones they taste great they are just so disastrous looking that I doubt anyone would willingly eat them. So out of the approximately five dozen cookies I made, about nine of them look like cookies should. And I double checked the recipe has I was making them so that I know I got the measurements right...and I checked again after the first tray and I got it all right...I have no idea what happened.
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[29 Apr 2009|02:17pm]
While I procrastinate a little longer and mentally debate if a ten page paper is long enough when the length requirement is maximum twenty pages....this is definitely a bad sign:

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[23 Apr 2009|10:58am]
Ok, so the plan was to be here for two more years and to make school take that long so that I am not stuck in Springfield with nothing to do, a crappy job and a million dollars in student loans to start paying back. The plan to do this was to take the classes to get a Homeland Security Certificate which could possibly help me get a job someday. The certificate involves four classes so it isn't a huge commitment and two of those are criminology class that actually sound interesting. If I hadn't studied International Relations, criminology was my next choice. However, I found out today that at least two of those four classes are online class and I don't know if I have the self-discipline to take an online class.
But I have to decide so that I can change my schedule for next semester if necessary.

What do you think?
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[04 Mar 2009|12:29pm]
Conservative-Leaning Centrist on political map

Not really the results I normally get on this type of thing, but then these tests usually include moral/social issues that I feel more strongly about.
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[28 Feb 2009|09:24am]
I woke up to nightmares again this morning. They weren't as bad as the ones last week but it was enough to wake me up several hours before I wanted to be up. This is getting rather ridiculous.
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[22 Feb 2009|02:23pm]
I had four night of terrible vivid nightmares. I hardly slept at all because every time I closed my eyes I saw the images from the nightmares and when I did fall asleep I would wake up as soon as the nightmares started again. The first night it was so vivid that I didn't even realize when I woke up and I just barely choked back the screams before I woke up the whole house.
Last night I fell right to sleep and slept the whole night until my alarm went off this morning. It was really nice.
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[11 Feb 2009|02:19pm]
So there was actually a tornado in Springfield last night.  I was at Dwayne's house for most of the evening and we knew that the weather had gotten really bad.  Apparently the really bad part was over by my house and the tornado touched down about a block away from my house.  It only stayed on the ground for a few minutes but it scattered trees that it ripped out of the ground all over the street which I saw on the way home from Dwayne's and there were some power lines down and then a few houses and apartments damaged.  Our house was fine though and we didn't even lose power. 

Oh, and the tornado sirens never went off....not before, not after, not during the tornado....so if I (and the other people who were driving around the scattered trees) had been any earlier we could have driven into a tornado without even knowing it was there....way to go Springfield weather service.   
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[10 Feb 2009|08:54pm]
Tonight's weather forecast: tornadoes and flash flooding.
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[30 Jan 2009|08:34am]
Here's an interesting statistic from one of my text books this semester:
"The State Department's budgetis rather less than the Pentagon's jet fuel bill"

And according to the professor this is a peace time statistic. No wonder the world is so screwed up. If we spend more on jet fuel during peace time than we spend on diplomacy what else can we really expect.
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[28 Jan 2009|09:38pm]
I just got an email from the Graduate Student Council at school. They are trying to increase their membership and are trying to do this in two ways: more emails and new meeting locations. This weeks meeting is at one of the many bars near campus during Happy Hour which they included in the meeting announcement along drink prices.
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[28 Jan 2009|08:17pm]
626 dollars later I have my car back and it seems to be in good working condition again.
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[28 Jan 2009|03:17pm]
Its sad when you have so few friends that you can't even find a ride to pick up your car from the repair shop.
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[25 Jan 2009|05:36pm]
The car is dead, in fact it is currently abandoned in a parking lot about half way to work because it died. I just called in to work for the first time on a night that is sure to be super busy because we are supposed to get a really really bad ice storm tomorrow so they are sure to be pissed off. I then barely managed to get Andrew to answer his phone so he could come rescue me before my phone died too.
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[25 Jan 2009|03:46pm]
Remember when I said I couldn't take anything else going wrong. Well, my car is definitely trying to die. The radiator has a really serious leak in it because the coolant went from being full to being completely empty in the time it took me to look at it walk to the house to ask Kevin for help and the time it took him to walk out to the car to look himself. Also, the check engine light is on, the car is overheating, and the heater isn't working....probably all connected to the same root problem, but still. The heater problem is quite a big one since it is less than 20 degrees outside and we are expecting massive snow and ice storms tomorrow. Also, the battery light is on...which according to the owners manuel means that the alternator is not working. The alternator is apparently a really important, expensive part. And all this on top of the flat tires, the dead batteries, the insane windshield wipers. To make matters just a little worse this all happen while I was driving on the interstate driving the hour back from my grandparents house, and I almost got stranded at several stop lights on the way home because the car really did not want to start again, but at least I made it home...barely. I think the worst part is that paying to have the car fixed is probably going to mean that I am not going to be able to pay for school this summer because not only will it be expensive to fix but I have also been cut in hours to about 13 a week at work, so the reserved tuition money is going to have to be used for car repairs.
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